About Us


The NGH Ethos!

We love what we do and we have a passion for finding out the truth within the field of the Paranormal! We have had a blast along the way of discovery and have made some fantastic friendships and we would like you to enjoy it with us!

Pricing is important to us, we keep prices on our local venues as low as we possibly can…that doesn’t mean that we offer you anything less on your night out with us! In fact we use as much gadgetry and technology as the next group as well as some more traditional methods!

Immersion into the moment is also important to us, so we keep numbers to a minimum so you can get the best experience as is possible and not being packed in like sardines! Surely if there’s not enough room for you, how are you going to fit in the ghosts!

Unlike a lot of closed groups we like taking the public with us, this means that you get an opportunity to come with us on our quests to some of the most haunted places in Norfolk and beyond!

We have people on our team that can answer your questions, we have a Demonologist a Medium and a Parapsychological Researcher so we can best meet your Paranormal needs whatever your viewpoint.


Norfolk Ghost Hunters carry out public and private events at locations within the UK. Having our roots within the county of Norfolk we are very proud to bring our customers local venues at great prices!

Our Parapsychological Researcher Chris Beech  is a Student at the School of Parapsychology tutored by Dr Ciaran O’Keeffe . Studied Foundations of Parapsychology and a course in Demonic Possession and Exorcism with the School Of Parapsychology.

Our public events take us all over the county, they are a great way of meeting new people and establishing friendships that last a lifetime! We offer Corporate events too! So if you wanted to blow away the cobwebs with your colleagues or if you are just interested in taking part in a ghost hunt, get in touch.

Public Events,

These are events that are open to everyone! We Investigate locations from Churches to Bunkers Click on the venues tab and have a look at some of the fantastic places we offer to our customers. At Norfolk Ghost Hunters we battle to keep prices as low as possible so we will see you again and again!

Private Events,

These, as the name implies are private Investigations, open by express invitation only and usually carried our by our Investigation Team. There are numerous reasons why a venue may be private, an example may be due to the sensitive nature of the investigation, and/or that our client wishes that the details of the venue remains anonymous for whatever reason.


Hosts is what we call the venues that we attend. Hosting could be a fantastic way to advertise through our website and other media. Hosting is a great way for businesses to maintain turnover once the customers have left the premises or after normal trading hours. For details about Hosting request a “Hosting Pack” through our website and this will give you all the information you need to make a decision. (You may be surprised to find out how lucrative this niche will be for you and/or your business!)

WE HAVE OUR OWN INSURANCE INSURED TO £5,000,000. Further information can be supplied on request. It adds piece of mind to many venues that host us.