This is a whistle-stop tour of some of the equipment that can be regularly seen on an investigation with us.

TorchTorch- It seems simple but is often overlooked. This is offers piece of mind to many a novice, the humble torch is a piece of equipment that a seasoned Investigator cannot do without.







UV torch UV Torch – This is used for seeing items that often go unseen, the UV torch is often used to track the movement of dusted items in the darkness and evidence of vermin habitation.







IMG_0219[1]The KII EMF Meter – The KII or K2 offers a simple solution to detecting a limited window of the electromagnetic spectrum, The purpose of any electromagnetic field meter is to locate sources of electromagnetic radiation (electric, magnetic/RF or microwave) and provide a reading of the relative strength of the EM field.







emfEMF & Static Meter – The DT-1130 portable EMF device with a frequency range of 50Hz – 2000MHz. This is a very sensitive piece of equipment and can even detect static!







IMG_0218[1]The Mel Meter – In our opinion, one of the best EMF device that we have used, The Mel-8704R EMF & Temperature (pictured left) is the device that we use as well as the Mel-8704R – MADD & Natural Field Detector. Its great for obtaining ambient temperature and useful when detecting cold spots.







voice recorder Voice Recorder – The Dictaphone is the workhorse of our audio collection devices, they are used as mass storage devices attached to high quality microphones.







micPerimeter Mic – These, as the name suggest collect audio from the investigation, they capture what we hear on the investigation so we  may review any evidence captured at a later stage.