Our Team

This page tells you a little bit about our people that make the events happen.


Christian Title – Team Leader/Founder + Paranormal Investigator

Christian is Team NGH’s Leader, Christian brings a wealth of knowledge based on sound experience from many different groups and can often be seen at the other end of a spirit box!

Skill – Demonologist

Paranormal Belief System – Believer

Biography, “My fascination for the paranormal world started at a young age, there seemed to me to be something special about the word “ghost”. I started going out with other groups carrying out investigations and realised that this is what I love to do…so I started my own group Norfolk Ghost Hunters. I now lead investigations all over the UK, many of these are public venues where I get to meet new people and listen to witness testimony and their personal encounters with the paranormal. I am also a Religious Demonologist and have worked both the Catholic Church and the Church Of England.”


cas Title – Paranormal Investigator

Cas brings a fantastic array of skills that have been developed by a long time investigating! Cas came to us from another group and we couldn’t be more happy to have her, she is our Venues Liaison, arranging the vast majority of our investigations.

Skill – Researcher/Venues Liaison

Paranormal Belief System – Believer

Biography – “Since my teens I’ve had an interest in the paranormal but decided not to do anything about it until  I was older. I used to attend Spiritual events such as  medium nights and participate in public readings. A couple of years ago I wanted to ghost hunt as a hobby, so joined a local team, unfortunately this didn’t work out as I had wanted, however this gave me the fantastic opportunity to assist Christian in running Norfolk Ghost Hunters, its an amazing team where I have been given room to grow within the spiritual world. I enjoy interacting and talking to people that attend our investigations and dealing with our venues and businesses.”



Title – Paranormal Investigator

As newest member to the field of the Paranormal, Jay offers a unbiased opinion on what occurs on an investigation, for him, “seeing is believing”. Jay assists Chris in the analysis and review of any evidence gathered.

Skill – Analyst

Paranormal Belief System – Agnostic

Biography – “When I was younger I had a fascination with the paranormal and the supernatural. Over the years I have come to realise that i do not necessarily believe in ‘ghosts’ in the general sense of the word yet I do believe that there are things that we don’t understand whether it is paranormal or not.”



– Anomalistic Researcher

Unflappable, Chris always tries to find a logical explanation to occurrences on an investigation. If something happens that is unexplained it means that it needs further investigation rather than being labeled “Paranormal”.

Skill – Parapsychology Student

Paranormal Belief System – Sceptic

Biography – “As a Student of The School Of Parapsychology I am particularly interested in Anomalous Psychology, Phenomenology of Apparitional Experiences and The Survival Hypothesis. Evidence gathering is for the most part my main job on an Investigation, I use the working hypothesis that paranormal forces DO NOT exist and use this standpoint to account for reported phenomena and try and reach a rational explanation for alleged paranormal occurrences. Being a sceptic adds a well balanced dynamic to the group, I believe that whilst conducting an Investigation it is important for a group to remain impartial.”

Our Researcher Chris Beech  is a Student at the School of Parapsychology tutored by Dr Ciaran O’Keeffe . Studied Foundations of Parapsychology and a course in Demonic Possession and Exorcism with the School Of Parapsychology. For references and credentials these can be obtained from Dr O’Keeffe enquiries@theschoolofparapsychology.org.


IMG_0978[1]Title – Investigator/Sensitive

Brian is our ‘sensitive’ he can see and hear things that we cannot ordinarily experince. Brian adds a fascinating dynamic to the group with a gift that he is continuously developing. Brian would describe his Mediumistic skills as a work in progress, however Brian comes up with some amazing stuff!

Skill – Medium

Paranormal Belief System – Believer

Biography – I first became interested in the paranormal when my daughter started to tell me things that she used to see, for example on one occasion she could see different colours around the end of her bed and that within the colours she could see ladies faces, the faces smiled at her before disappearing. I have always thought that I could feel things. On occasions I would get an overwhelming sense of presence it felt that someone was around me even though nobody was to be seen. I started to visit haunted locations around the country and witnessed objects move on their own. I decided to join a Medium development circle, since then I have been able to see and feel things more and more. I am able to see dark shadows/mists/orbs with my naked eye. I can also feel pain and emotion of how someone has passed. I can hear the voice of my spirit guide and feel them when they are close, but I am working on my Mediumistic skills to be able to hear the spirits talk to me.