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The Wildman Norwich City Centre Norwich Norfolk

IMG_0314[2]The Wildman is a refurbished pub in the Centre of historic Norwich. It is alleged that a fire claimed the lives some of the occupants where the pub now stands. An apparition has been seen at the bar, stools have moved and glasses smash as if  touched by unseen hands. Do the patrons of yesteryear refuse to leave? Maybe there are more than just the spirits behind the bar? Join us to find out.

We keep the numbers as low as possible for this venue as we believe it gives a more immersive experience. Enjoy some of our pictures from our investigations at this fantastic venue!


For the History of the Wildman Pub click on the book icon. Alternatively click here!


IMG_0315(click the pictures to enlarge)

(Bottom left) The bar area where an apparition is said to stand is pictured where the bar stools are.

Strange scratches have been seen on the walls and glasses have smashed from the bar as if pushed when the pub is closed.

(Bottom Centre) Christian and Brian review some evidence during a break.

(Bottom right) The cellar where people are alleged to have burnt to death in a botched attempt of rescue.




IMG_0316(click the pictures to enlarge)

(Centre left) Sounds like footsteps were heard on request during a vigil.

(Centre Middle) A late 18th Century Police Officer has been sensed looking upward from the bottom of the stairs.

(Centre Right) People have witnessed spooky goings on in the men’s toilets.




Private Churches Nr North Walsham Norfolk


Newcomer To Ghost Hunting? Join us on one of our newbie nights! If you are interested in our newbie nights, message us here!

Our churches that we Investigate are alleged to be haunted, they offer a fantastic opportunity to Investigate a church which is quite a rare thing to be able to do!

Some Venues like to remain Anonymous and therefore it would be unethical for us to disclose certain information. However we do conduct private and public investigations at these churches. We conduct, “Newbie nights” for people that are new to Ghost Hunting and would like to give it a try rather than go to a huge location the churches are well contained so we can ensure you get the best out of the evening.




Wisbech Castle Wisbech Cambridgeshire

Castle Wisbech, a beautiful example of Regency architecture. Human habitation on this site goes back a thousand years! And where there is life there is death, and where there is death there are ghosts. Will you discover that people still linger at this most haunted of locations? We are a very grateful to be allowed to investigate this museum.





























10488077_787453634666679_8286837065855662274_nThe Coach Makers Arms Gt Yarmouth Norfolk

With the first Licence to sell liquor registered in 1853 this public house has seen its fair share of patrons.

We visited this pub for a public investigation where we conducted a scrying experiment in a mirror in the upstairs of the location.

Scrying is a form of divination we use this technique as it has been claimed to be able to communicate with the dead.  We looked  look into a mirror in the low light and call for spirits to use transfiguration on the faces of the participants looking into the mirror.

Interesting results were observed with three of the sitters. Their faces seemed to change at the same time!

We recommend that this is visited for any enthusiast of the paranormal.




The Shrieve’s House Stratford-Upon-Avon

This location notable for being a Yeomans dwelling rebuilt after a fire in 1614. We felt privileged to be allowed to investigate this location, steeped in history this venue offers very comfortable surroundings by day but by night this building turns into an ominous place. With shadows and footsteps abound there was nowhere to hide from the specters of the past.

This venue certainly warrants further investigation as to what lies within this hallowed abode.



The  Ancient Ram Inn Gloucestershire

This location is the jewel in the crown for any Investigator of the paranormal! We were lucky enough to brink members of the public on an investigation that they wont forget, steeped in history this location boasts a plethora of phenomena, from full bodied apparitions, demonic forms and possessions to tales of human sacrifice The Ancient Ram in has it all!

Bangs and taps were heard on our investigations, apport and asport  phenomena was also alleged to have taken place. (Apports being when items materialise is if from nowhere and asports being where items disappear as if taken by unseen hands.)












Our lead Investigator Christian taking in the delights of the location